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Goundor WIP, for a friend by blissfulangel1994
Goundor WIP, for a friend
So my friend :iconpolarsword: Asked me personally to come up with a design for a special character for a story he's writing, so I took up the task in hand coming up with several designs for him and this is the result, this is a sketch though as I haven't come up with colours for him just yet but hopefully I will soon ^^I added some rips and scaring as he did escape from captivity and the scars he may maintained while kept there

Well I hope I did alright :giggle:


Saori Revised Bio-2016 by blissfulangel1994
Saori Revised Bio-2016
We make many mistakes, our choices and paths decide what life we live, mine...was robbed from me and I will always remember those dark times"

Saori Kaiya Niitri is a 24 year old mobian hedgehog, she is the youngest child of 4 children to parents Sirenia and Andreas as well as youngest sister to Cerys, Andra and Mary. Originally from Arcadia Castle Town, Mobotropolis, now living in Silver Valley. During her early 20s she was almost robbed of her free will and identity, becoming the first victim of the roboticzer, because of both the physical and mental trauma, she suffers greatly to this day with PTSD because of these events.
She is the mother to adopted twins Ellie and Elio, as well as the wife to Mackenzo
Biographical Information
Title: Songstress of Arcadia, Advisor of Silver Valley
Daybreak- Unconfirmed chapter
Full Name: Saori Kaiya
Birth Day: Day 147 3200
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Hedgehog
Race: Mobian, Particularly Robian
Affiliation: Arcadia Castle Town
Silver Valley Council
Powers and Abilities: Hydrokinetic
Super Strength
Natural Singing Voice
Birthplace: Arcadia Castle Town, Mobotropolis, Mobius
Current Residence: Silver Valley, West Side Mobius
Job: Counselling, formerly Singer
Family Tree Coming Soon
Linitha Elliyandras (Paternal Grandmother)
Lunos Elliyandras (Paternal Grandfather)
Minerva Songstress (Maternal Grandmother- Deceased)
Mixo Rose (Maternal Grandmother)
Maisy Rose ( Great-Aunt)
Lixo Rose (Great Uncle)
Sirenia Elliyandras (Mother)
Andreas Elliyandras (Father)
Andra Elliyandras (Sister-Missing)
Cerys Elliyandras (Sister-Missing)
Mary Elliyandras (Sister)
Arina Flickens( Maternal Aunt)
Jeffrey Flickens (Maternal Uncle)
Andrea Flickens (Cousin)
Partner: Mackenzo Niitri (Husband)
Children: Ellie and Elio Niitri (Adopted Children)

Pet: Mystic (Chao)

Personality and Traits
A once placid, easy going and a somewhat shy mobian girl, Saori has a mixture of emotions, one minute she will be happy and will happily go on life normally but will then become emotional and distraught as well avoiding answering anything associated with her past, it was the events during the time in her early 20s that she still suffers  to this day, both physically and mentally, reliving the traumatizing events on a daily basis, fearing sleep because of it.
On the positive side, she is a born leader, able to lead a group,loyal, courageous and protective, before her was sent to be roboticzed she did what she could to protect her friends and family so they wouldn't share the same fate as her.

Backstory- 3200-3212-Childhood

Born in the year 3200, 20 years prior to the Great War and was born in the small castle town of Arcadia, just on the outskirts of Mobotropolis to parents Sirenia, a water elemental and Andreas, a soldier, born as the youngest daughter, her family having a vast history in music and the element of water, her grandmother Minerva known as a famous singer in her decade before her early demise. Growing up her childhood was fairly normal for the first 3 years of her life.
On her 3rd birthday gave her a special gift, confused as to why she was given an egg for her birthday her mother told her that a special companion would hatch with time and patience, 5 minutes prior to that, it hatched, revealing a white water based chao, she became ecstatic, naming her Mystic and made sure to raise her well. That same night her two eldest sisters Andra and Cerys mysteriously vanished with no trace, Andreas as well as some other soldiers set out to find the two missing girls.
2 years prior at the age of 6 she continued to raise her chao Mystic with the aid of her mother and sister Mary, she also grew an interest in singing after finding her grandmother's records and shows, inspired to follow that path and be like her grandmother., this often resulted in a messy room while practicing singing and dancing.
Teenage Years- 3215-3220
Only just turning 15, Saori continued to work on her singing career, balancing school and singing lessons with her school's music teacher, also auditiong for gigs in her spare time at school sessions  and local locations, shortly landing her very first gig in a small club close by in her town, at the age of 17 she became a part time singer and finishing school around the same time , by the end of 3219, things would go from good to bad for Saori when war would brake out on Mobius

3220- Onwards
Now a young adult, she took a break from her singing career to help those injured in the war, providing shelter, food and water to those suffering during the war, however things took the turn for the worst when she was soon captured, separated from the group she was looking after by roboticzed soldiers

Knowing where her loyalties lied and thinking of the group, she refused to reveal the location of her group, resulting in the cost of her freedom and free will. With her free will almost gone, hope came to her when she was rescued by two male mobians by the name of E.N and  Arrow and was able to escape with free will intact, shooken up and trying to adjust to her metallic shell, she left home and travelled to Silver Valley where she could hopefully start over.

During her time in Silver Valley,mostly there for 4 years of her adult life, she concealed her metallic form by wearing a cloak when she was out and about due to being shooken up from her experience. During a walk she met a male mobian around her age by the name of Mackenzo, soon developing a crush on him, finally revealing what had happened to her after gaining the confidence, with support she could hopefully recover.
Some time later Saori was able to find a way to be de roboticized, however parts of her upper chest, back and legs could not be salvage, leaving Saori ,traumatized and distraught, falling into depression. Help came to her as she was treated and recovered of her depression, the experience left a permanent scar, she later married Mackenzo and was finally able to get her life around and was looking to  start a family, no longer able to have children naturally, she soon adopted the twins Ellie and Elio.
She changed jobs, going into the career of Counselling, helping those that have been through a similar experience like herself, setting up a small counselling office in the heart of Silver Valley.
Saori most her features from her mother, such as her purple fur and blue eyes, a delicate round face with soft, healthy peach skin, Saori covers her limbs by wearing a long sleeveless blue jacket, green crop top, blue fingerless with green styled sock cuffs and navy blue trousers that reach her ankles as well as simple sturdy white shoes.

Formal- Design by :iconapricat:
Saori wears a sleeveless blue dress with a blue collar around her neck, light blue fingerless gloves and simple blue flats, robotic limbs shown

Saori wears a sleeveless blue dress with a blue collar around her neck, light blue fingerless gloves and simple blue flats, robotic limbs shown
Design by :iconkatai-anata:

Limbs covered, Saori's outfit for singer consists of a grey and purple tunic, her hair is straight and has a black hairband, wears blue jeans with 2 buttons on each side, black shoes and wears a blue diamond shape pendant around her neck.

Date- Design by :iconrebelstarwarrior:
Saori wears a black and dark blue long sleeved tunic, she has her hair styled in a long ponytail and has a dark blue bow as a hair accessory, dark blue leggings and black boots, limbs covered.

Party Design by :iconshipofart:

Black and purple top and skirt set with a black collar, gold chain attached to her belt, black gloves and black boots, limbs uncovered.
Powers and Abilities

An experienced hydrokinetic, an ability passed down from her mother as well, however she lost this ability when she was roboticized, gaining new skills such as the ability of electricity, super strength, durability and agility, she is shown to be a natural born singer and leader, highly intelligent due to the software still implanted in her brain, skilled in logic and technology.
Due to losing her natural skill in water, she can no longer use water as an ability or tred near it as the result would be that of her limbs rust or short circuit, avoiding it all together, she also has to maintain her robotic limbs in order to make sure they work and stay healthy, she is also vulnerable to virus that could affect her system
Ethan "E.N" Emerald
A dear friend of hers and someone she owes her gratitude to as he had saved her from almost losing her free will and identity, calling him a friend
Another invidual she owes her gratitude to, seeing Arrow as one of her companions
Amaryllis Honeysuckle
A good friend of hers she met and befriended during her first few years in Silver Valley

Dr Ivos/Ivo Robotnik
She has an genuine hate for this doctor after what he did to her, robbing her of her life and identity and mostlyof the other mobians that fell victim to his 'experiments and roboticizer.

Quotes and Trivia
"Let's do it, I'm ready"
"My songs come from my heart, not my head"
"We Live to Dream, We live to fight another day, we shall never give up. Freedom is what makes us"
"Sing the Song in your heart, Speak up Loud, never let go, we are infinite"

"I will not allow you to find my loved ones I will protect the ones I love, do whatever you want to me I will never tell you their location, you got that baldy"
"This metal shell is not me, why, why are driven by this goal, to make other mobians suffer, I can never forgive you!"
"Thank you to you both, I am in your debt

~She is the third eldest angelhearts series character, the first is Jenna and the second is Genevieve/ Gene
~She suffers from P.T.S.D
~Her favourite sweet treats are lemon tarts and caramel cake
~She loves the colour Midnight Purple
~Her favourite pastimes are reading and dancing
Saori's complete and much more improved bio, something I been working on for the last 2-3 days, hope you like it

Outfit concepts and designs (c) :iconapricat::iconkatai-anata::iconrebelstarwarrior::iconshipofart:, will be drawing those shortly :aww:
Saori Kaiya Nittri :iconblissfulangel1994:
Saori- Daybreak by blissfulangel1994
Saori- Daybreak
A younger Saori, at least 21 years old here, she will be making her debut in :iconpolarsword:'s story Daybreak, chapter's unknown at the moment :aww:

Saori Kaiya Niitri, (Saori Eliyandras)-:iconblissfulangel1994:
:dummy: New Year! New Beginnings! :dummy:


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my page :love: I'm a free spirited person that enjoys drawing, writing, sonic, anime and playing games

GAMER Casual STAMP by Faeth-design I always been a casual gamer when it comes to playing games and always look at the fun side of it and not being competitive :aww:

Sonic Always Fan Stamp by FourSonic I been a sonic fan since 1999 I played my very 1st game I played was Sonic the Hedghehog (1991) at the tender age of 5 :dummy:

My Squiby Adoptions :heart:

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my da sissy's page -----> :iconzaameen: ^^ She is an amazing artist and a generally good person:love:

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